TENS Unit Device Massager Full Body Neck Back Pain Ache Sciatica Relief 16Mode R

TENS Unit Device Massager Full Body Neck Back Pain Ache Sciatica Relief 16Mode R

TENS Unit Device Massager Full Body Neck Back Pain Ache Sciatica Relief 16Mode R

TENS Unit / Digital Pulse Therapy Massager. FDA Class II Cleared Medical Device. For Over the Counter Use (OTC). Please choose the "Type" before you place the order. TENS Unit Kit + Massage Shoes + PVC bag.

+ 16 pairs paw pads + Palm Massager. + Knee Supports + 4PC. The FDA Class II cleared dual-channel massagers aim to stimulate tense, sore muscles with 16 different massage modes and one soothing haiku mode. The pocket-sized devices help work out kinks by sending pulses to muscles through the included wires and adhesive pads. Recharge the internal lithium battery to keep it powered up.

Helps relieve minor muscle aches and pains. Compact device fits in the pockets of your pants. Powered by a rechargeable internal lithium battery. Two outputs, under the same mode. In the TENS Unit Kit.

1 Pair of hand shape pads. 1 Pair of small Oval shape pads. All made out of a medical non-woven material. 2 Electrode wires (2 in 1 Snap-on Leads wire) 3.5mm. The best PAIN RELIEF device by blocking the pain signal from nerves, it can help to ease the sub-health, cure tiredness, promote blood circulation, recuperate the spleen and stomach, enhance human immunity, improve sleeping quality and activate collaterals to relief your body pain. 16 preprogrammed massage modes in a rectangle design: Knocking, Acupuncture, Abdominal Massage, Brain Massage, Foot Reflexology, Ear Massage. 2-4 massage methods under each mode. Adjustable 10-60 minute timer by using "T" button, default timer: 20 minutes. 20 levels of adjustable intensity/strength. Simultaneous dual output design for two person or two different body areas, you can use "+" button increases intensity or "-"button decreases intensity of mode.

Allows 4 pads to be used at the same time. Tips:Used the pads on clean and flat areas, no sweat, no oil. Easy to read animated backlit LCD Display, better view of the screen especially at night or in the dark light. Rechargeable internal lithium battery - up to 10 hours of continuous use. Please do advice your doctor whether you are suitable to use TENS Unit before place your order.

Bamboo Charcoal Fiber Knee Supports. NOT TENS Unit accessories but use independently. Bamboo charcoal fiber is high elastic fabrics, comfortable and soft, will not hurt the skin. Bamboo charcoal will not be affected by repeated washings. Can effectively improve blood circulation, promote metabolism, and clear the meridians, enhance immunity.

The knee support provides underprop and protect your muscles. Knee Brace helps prevent and treat injuries, keep moisture away.

Detox Pads Foot Pads With Adhesives Pads 2in1 Fragrance Sheet. Pain Relief Foot Care Keeping Fit Health Care.

Four Kinds: Rose, Green Tea, Lavender, Ginger. Foot pad is a natural health care product. It assists your body in the removal of heavy metals, metabolic wastes, microscopic parasites, mucous, chemicals excess fat and other harmful substances.

Bamboo Vinegar, Wood Vinegar, Tourmaline, Loquat Leaves, Agaricus Blazei Murill, Houttuynia Cordata, Dextrin, Vitamin C, Plant powder. It discharges internal moisture toxins from vola through acupuncture points.

It can help you relax muscles and tendons, relieve fatigue, improve sleeping and skin and recover from sub-health. You will really notice and feel the amazing effect after use.

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TENS Unit Device Massager Full Body Neck Back Pain Ache Sciatica Relief 16Mode R